At Students HUB we provide a platform connecting computer science students/graduates with businesses looking for alternative solutions to their computer-related needs from mainstream IT service providers.

Project requirements can be submitted online for review by the Students HUB team and will then be matched to students/graduates with the skills required to take the project to completion, within a pre-agreed time-frame and budget. The available services range from complex mobile app development to simple web design services. It is envisaged that most of the projects will be delivered at no or little cost to the client depending on the client requirements and nature of the project.

This gives students/graduates looking for CV experience with the opportunity to put their skills to use and clients access to a cheaper alternative to traditional IT service providers. In addition, students/graduates will receive ad hoc training support from Students HUB during the project cycle.

The platform is already up and running for students of the University of West London, with five projects currently live (some for the University itself and others for external clients). We look forward to expanding Students HUB across universities UK-wide and making this fantastic opportunity available to every student and graduate across the nation.

Students HUB is a result of a fruitful collaboration between students, universities, businesses and Microsoft BizSpark.